About Us

Mister is committed to creating a product that is unique and delicious, providing premium quality for every customer that walks through our door. Only the highest standard is applied to our ice cream, in every detail from ingredients to packaging.

Our shop is a friendly neighbourhood spot; our goal is to create meaningful relationships with our community and a destination for natural, delicious food that brings people together. Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and we strive to support the B.C. community wherever possible. Our relationship with our suppliers is as important to us as the interactions we have with our employees and customers.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate our product, create the best experience for our customers, and make a positive impact on our community.





Liquid Nitrogen Process

Nitrogen is a natural element which makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere. In its natural liquid state, nitrogen has an extraordinarily low boiling point of -196 degree Celsius. By using liquid nitrogen in the production process, Mister is able to rapidly freeze our product at ultra low temperatures which results in much smaller ice crystals and less air than found in traditional ice cream.

What does all this mean? A richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require stabilizers and fillers. Made with pure, all-natural ingredients, we know you will love Mister at first scoop!


Ice Cream

Mister’s ice cream is made from scratch in-house using pure, natural ingredients. Every cup is made to order and the taste speaks for itself!

We choose flavour combinations that are unique, and rotate them based on season and demand. Our goal is to rethink the way ice cream is created, with a process, presentation, and taste that takes dessert to a whole new level. The creamy, smooth, dense texture of Mister is truly something special… a delicious difference we know you will love.



We would love to cater your next event. At Mister we offer full catering services for special events and parties offering our entire line up of ice cream flavours. We bring our machinery onsight for the full Mister experience. Tell us just a few details about your event and we’ll put together a custom catering package for you.

Monday-Sunday 2:00pm-10:00pm

1141 Mainland Street, Vancouver

778.379.2833 / hello@madebymister.com